Starlink installation in Roby Mill, Up-Holland

Here we have a starlink installation mounted on a chimney using a heavy-duty lashing kit, a large cradle bracket and a thick aluminium mast. We used this method of installation because the customer lives in an area with frequent high winds. Previously the customer had atrocious speeds using BT and SIM card routers. Within a minute of completion, the dish aligned and a speed test was done. The initial speeds were 168Mb download and 20.4Mb upload. A second test was done after 5 minutes and they were 191Mb download and 16.9Mb upload. The reason for including the different speeds is to show the variation in the speeds as it aligns and settles. This usually takes between 30-90 minutes. On average users can expect 150+Mb download speeds and 17+Mb upload speeds. I have also included a video of the starlink installation just show it off in more detail

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Starlink installation at Roby Mill near Wrightington
For all your starlink installation needs don’t hesitate to get in touch. We also do TV aerial, sky and Freesat dish installations as well

Further Information

For more information on the Starlink installations methods we use. Then please click this link Here. For more information on what Starlink Internet is then please see our information section Here. We have been installing TV Aerials and Satellite systems for over 35yrs. There isn’t a type of building we haven’t worked on. We take great care to plan the method of installation we will use for your job. We will discuss all options with you and work out the best position and cable run. Our aim is to hide the cable as best as we can. We of course will discuss every way we see to accomplish that with you before we start. For more information please visit our homepage Here. We also offer TV aerial installations/Repairs, Sky dish installations/Repairs. See our other site for more information Here. Finally we offer a TV wall mounting service, please visit our site for that right Here

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