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Starlink Installations by Starnetlink

Starnetlink Starlink Introduction

Starlink internet was brought out by Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX. Starlink is a (L.E.O) Low Earth orbit, low latency, high speed internet system. Great for uses such as domestic purposes in rural areas where access to quick reliable internet is impossible. Also useful for business uses as well. Maybe working from a home office. A remote area maybe. Such as stables, farms or areas with low speeds. It is very easy to split into a mesh system. This Allows you to extend your Wi-Fi over long distances. We can use multiple methods to achieve this.

Starlink gen2 kit

Most satellite internet services come from single geostationary satellites that orbits the planet at about 35,786km, or known as a GEO satellite. Used for broadcasting and data applications because of the large surface area they cover, they do however come with a 0.22 second delay. Now this does sound insignificant, it does however cause problems with voice services and sadly it can also cause high latency internet of up to 600ms as well. Starlink uses it’s own constellation of LEO satellites that orbit the planet much closer to Earth. Starlink operate theirs at 550km and cover the entire globe. Currently there are 3,271 satellites in the constellation with more planned for the future.

Starlink Standard unboxing
Starlink Business unboxing


What are the benefits of Starlink’s LEO satellites in a low orbit you may ask. The round trip data time between the users dish and the satellite, also known as latency is much lower than satellites in higher geostationary orbit. This enables Starlink to deliver latency speeds of between 20-40ms. Businesses in low speed areas will find this a game changer with it’s incredible speeds for uses such as zoom calls or online work. Or online gaming at home that are usually not possible on other satellite broadband systems. The current cost of the Starlink equipment is £300 with a £75 subscription fee. If you want to split this around your home or business, please buy the Ethernet adapter at point of sale. It is £35 from Starlink, if you buy one from a third party it could cost you up to £125.

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Installation of a Gen 1 starlink dish Macclesfield
Installation of a generation 1 Starlink dish
Installation of a generation 2 Starlink dish on 12×12 heavy duty wall bracket
Starlink Installation in Frodsham
Installation of a Starlink in Parbold

Starlink Grommets by Starnetlink

Starlink has been a remarkable innovation in the delivery of high speed, reliable internet. Here at Starnetlink we have used our years of experience to add our own innovation. Introducing the all new custom designed Starlink grommet by Starnetlink (pat pending). Starlink requires a 22mm hole to be drilled in order to get the fixed connection cable outside. Until now there hasn’t been a suitable cover to make this neat and tidy. No need for brush plates or Polyfilla. If you require any, you can email to place an order. Alternatively you can call or WhatsApp on 07802410222

The brand new custom designed Starlink grommet by Starnetlink
Starlink grommets by Starnetlink. Here is the first installation using our new custom designed grommets.

Starlink is a very intelligent piece of equipment as excellently explained in the video above. consisting of a dish with a fixed cable running to the router, if you are going to split this you need to buy the ethernet adapter. The dish is a motorized and does all the necessary alignments itself as it constantly monitors for the best satellite in the constellation to lock on to.

This system was initially designed more for off-grid and rural locations where internet is a real problem. You can mount this on the provided stand in your garden or anywhere on your property with a clear line of sight. Having the dish at a higher elevation does help. We are a professional TV Aerial installation and Satellite company, we are used to installing equipment high up and securely using industry standard proven equipment.
We will only supply the best equipment and fittings we supply as part of the installation.
Fitting the right brackets is very important, the brackets we use are galvanized to ensure not just a secure fitting but a long lasting rust free installation.

For more information on this great offer please click the following link Starlink Offer

Below is a fantastic video that breaks down how Starlink works. It’s around 20 minutes long but it’s full of useful information and a must watch if you are new to Starlink or considering getting it.

If you are going to split the Starlink™ router, you WILL need the Ethernet adaptor. This plugs into the bottom of the Starlink™ router allowing you to create a home network. Please purchase this at the point of sale from Starlink™ as other companies are charging 2-3 times the cost. If you purchase this separately there can be a 6 week delay in postage from Starlink™.

Cost of your Starlink installation

We supply all mounting brackets and masts for your installation including labor costs from £220

This is for a basic installation. Sometimes we do more bespoke installations tailored to the customers requirements with neatness at the forefront of all installations.

We can split your Starlink™ internet to other rooms/parts of the building. Where Wi-Fi is hard to receive using a Wi-Fi mesh system, or hardwired CAT6 cabled system throughout the building. For a hard wired system we would need to do a site survey. Giving you ethernet ports where you can plug an RJ45 or ethernet cable into

Mesh Systems Explained

A router is connected to the Netgear Ethernet splitter. From the Netgear splitter CAT6 cable can be networked around your premises. Giving you a hard wired internet system. This will give you faster download/upload rate and lower latency. Daughter/Son has an X-Box located too far from your router and Wi-Fi speeds are not fast or stable enough. This guarantee’s a faster and more stable connection from the Starlink internet system no matter your location within your premises.

Connecting Starlink to a Deco Mesh system

While Starlink is fantastic for internet, the same cannot be said sadly for the WIFI range of the supplied router. Using one of these Deco Mesh systems can double or triple your range and speeds.

How do i split my Starlink? Starlink installation into a Netgear 8 output switch. The customer requested an installation of a Deco mesh due to thick stone walls. We also hard wired a 30M Ethernet cable, using Cat6E cable run along a catenary wire from his home property to the kennels office so he could set up a new on site remote monitoring system for his clients using IP cameras.
Installations/Early Speed Tests
This is a Starlink™ system installed on a stables where no internet was available. The owners required CCTV to be transmitted so they could monitor the stables when unattended. Mounted on a galvanised steel bracket, heavy-duty mast and very discreet cabling
Here we have a Starlink™ system fitted in Preston for a web design company that wanted fast, reliable high download, low latency internet for business purposes as BT and Virgin was not fast enough. We have mounted this on a heavy-duty steel swan neck mast with 8 fixing bolts, there is no movement in high winds
This is a great and neat example of a Starlink™ flat roof mount. I would like to thank Phil at P.W Aerial & Satellite Installations, link right here to his website for the use of this image. If you have got no other area that your system can be installed. The satellite industry has used this method for many years
Here we have a generation 1 Starlink™ dish. Mounted to the chimney using a heavy-duty cradle mast and a heavy-duty lashing kit. This is a strong and neat Starlink™ chimney mount
Starlink installation on a Heavy-Duty mast and brackets with 8 fixing bolts. Very neat installation and putting the dish higher resulted in faster speeds than a patio test

When Starlink says it’s ideal for remote locations…. It means remote. Here we have a Starlink installation on an oil rig in the gulf of Mexico. I would like to thank Javier for the use of this great picture. If you should move to Mexico, it’s a beautiful country. Then please give Javier a call for your internet needs. Link to his website right here

Starlink installation in Rainford
Starlink™ self alignment of a generation 1 dish
This was a speed test on an early generation 1 Starlink™ system

Finally, how do you get Starlink? Unfortunately we cannot supply you with Starlink, we are in no way affiliated with Starlink. We simply recommend it and install the equipment for a fixed price. To get Starlink you need to visit their website, I’ll provide a link right here for you Starlink Homepage. Once you have your delivery date, give us a call and we can arrange to fit your equipment the same day. Please note if you are going to split this into a mesh system you need to order the internet adaptor at the same time. If you buy one from a third-party site it can cost double or triple so please bear that in mind when ordering.

Here are some of our most recent installations:-

We cover the whole of the northwest and beyond. Cheshire, Cumbria, Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire, Yorkshire

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Q, Can i check if starlink will work at my address?

A, Yes you can, on the starlink website is a postcode checker that will give you the service information for your area.

Q, Is there a fair usage policy?

A, Yes, you have a 1000Gb priority access allowance per month, after that the drop in speeds will be noticeable during peak hours only between 4pm-7pm.

Q, How likely am I to reach the allowance cap?

A, The average monthly usage per household in the UK is estimated at around 456Gb so it’s unlikely you will reach the cap